The Best Cinnamon Roll Recipes

by Shayla Ebsen

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The following are two of my favorite cinnamon roll recipes made from scratch. Along with the link to each recipe, I’ve included tips for how I think the recipes can be improved based on my experiences making them.

Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

This recipe for overnight cinnamon rolls comes from Overall, the recipe was fantastic. However, once cooked, the rolls didn’t have as much filling as I prefer. As such, I’d suggest adding an additional tablespoon of butter and an additional 1/2 cupĀ  brown sugar to the filling if you prefer gooey cinnamon rolls. The recipe produced 18 rolls, which was too much for my family so I froze the remaining uncooked and non-risen dough for future use.

Clone of a Cinnabon

This Clone of a Cinnabon recipe is from It’s similar to the overnight cinnamon roll recipe listed above but takes less time to make and also includes a more robust filling. I also prefer the icing for this recipe. Again, if the recipe produces too much dough for your needs, freeze the unneeded portion of later use.

Cinnamon Roll Baking Tips

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind regardless of which cinnamon roll recipe you’re making:

  • First, ensure the dough has sufficiently risen before baking the rolls. Although you may be eager to feed the family a great Sunday breakfast, baking the rolls before they’re properly risen will produce a less-than-great meal.
  • Next, check the rolls frequently while baking. Baking them too long will create dried out rolls rather than the moist bread you’d prefer.
  • Finally, ensure you have a proper amount of space for rolling out the dough and shaping the rolls as well as the proper tools for the job. A few of the basics you’ll need include a rolling pin, a large glass pan and a mixer.

Have you tried any of these recipes or do you have other favorite cinnamon roll recipes you’d like to share?

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